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Typically when you think of a home inspector’s role in the real estate process, you think of a home buyer hiring them prior to writing an offer. However, there are benefits of hiring a home inspector if you are thinking about selling your home. Home inspectors can thoroughly analyze your home from top to bottom during a pre-listing home inspection to make sure that it's in top shape before you put it up for sale.

4 reasons you should get a pre-listing home inspection:

1.) Remove surprises from the home inspection process.

By hiring a home inspector before you put your home on the market you can remove any surprises that are typically discovered pre-sale. This will take the stress out of selling your home by allowing you to assess and be prepared for what might appear during an inspection. By being equipped with the information found in your home inspection you'll no longer be blindsided by what's found in the home buyer's home inspection report.

2.) Opportunity to make necessary updates after a pre-listing home inspection.

Once the pre-listing home inspection is complete you will have a list of potential updates that aren’t visible to the naked eye. This will allow you to make the necessary repairs to your home before putting it on the market. Making repairs to your house that improve the structure and safety of the home are huge selling points for buyers and could have a positive impact on resale value and how quickly your home sells.

3.) Ability to be open and honest with buyers.

During a pre-listing home inspection suggested updates may be uncovered but not be necessary until a few years down the road. By having this information on hand while selling your home it will allow you to be more open and honest with potential buyers. This will also allow you to price your home fairly based on what you discover, and factor in the price of potential updates as a selling point.

4.) A pre-listing home inspection increases your negotiating talking points.

When you are equipped with the information discovered in a pre-listing home inspection it helps you be in the driver's seat when it comes to negotiating with a potential buyer. If after the inspection you made necessary repairs, you can list those as reasons to re-enforce your asking price. The information provided to you by your inspector also gives you a point of reference in order to discuss something discovered in a home buyer's inspection. Whichever the case, conducting a pre-listing home inspection makes you better prepared for discussing your home.

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